Welcome to the VA District 5 Contest

Important Dates & Times

Welcome to Registration for the Virginia District 5 National History Day Contest!

Registration Deadline is February 18.

By registering, students are stating their intent to present an entry in the contest on Saturday, February 29 at Mount Vernon High School.  Group projects must have at least one student present to compete and require all students to register for the project to be considered.  Most judging takes place between 9 am and 1 pm. 

In case of severe inclement weather, the contest will be held on March 14.

Please note that all papers, documentaries, and websites are due by Thursday, February 20 at midnight.  After that date, no changes should be made. 

  • Papers and their annotated bibliography should be emailed to michele.longo@alexandriava.gov. Please include name, division, and title of entry in the subject line.
  • Websites *NEW* must be created through the NHD Website Category Platform, which was released on November 1.  Anything created outside of this platform must be imported into the NHD platform.  Please note that Java will not be supported.  Remember to publish websites before they are locked out!  All websites must be published in the NHD platform by midnight on February 20.
  • Documentaries must be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared with michele.longo@alexandriava.gov by February 21. The video's access can be restricted so it is not found in search results if you prefer. 



Congratulations on making it to the district-level contest!

Please note that papers, documentaries, and websites are due by Thursday, February 20. No changes can be made after this date.

Papers can be emailed to michele.longo@alexandriava.gov OR uploaded to your NHD registration profile.  

Websites must be created through the NHD official website platform, which opens November 1.  All websites will be locked out for edits beginning 11:59 p.m. February 20.  Don't forget to publish your website! 

New this year--documentaries must be uploaded to YouTube!  Please share the link with michele.longo@alexandriava.gov.  You can restrict access so the video will not be found in searches, only viewed by people with a link. When emailing the link, also attache the annotated bibliography and process paper.




Thank you for helping your students make it to the District Contest! 

When registering, if you encounter any difficulties, please reach out to Michele.Longo@alexandriava.gov.  Please do not create two teacher accounts, as it causes confusion for students when they register.  Thank you!

If you plan on attending the contest, please be sure to stop by the check-in desk to receive a list of your students' judging times.  Before you leave, please stop by the judges' table to pick up an NHD coffee mug as a thanks for your support. 

Comment sheets will be available for pick-up at the end of the program. Any not picked up by teachers will be mailed to the teachers for distribution to students after the contest.   

We need over 70 judges--all volunteers--to make this contest possible.


Thank you for taking time to register as a judge for this contest.  If you have any questions for our judge coordinator, please reach out directly to Denise McHugh at virginiahistoryjudgedistrict5@gmail.com.  Thank you!



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